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Groups and Units
AGRA GP Brig Lokesh Minocha, Gp Cdr, NCC Gp HQ
08 UNITS 1 UP Bn Agra
  2 UP Bn Agra
  3 UP Bn Mainpuri
  4 UP Bn Etawah
  5 UP Bn Sikohabad
  6 UP Bn Firozabad
  1 UP (G) Bn Agra
  1 UP Air Sqn Agra
ALIGARH GP Brig Gyan Puri, Gp Cdr, NCC Gp HQ
10 UNITS 8 UP Bn Aligarh
  9 UP Bn Hathras
  10 UP Bn Mathura
  11 UP Bn Mathura
  12 UP Bn Fatehgarh
  39 UP Bn Khurja
  3 UP (G) Bn Aligarh
  4 UP(G) Bn Fatehgarh
  1 UP Engr Coy Aligarh
  1 UP R&V Sqn, Mathura
ALLAHABAD GP Brig K A Mahabir, Gp Cdr, NCC Gp HQ
12 UNITS 15 UP Bn Allahabad
  16 UP Bn Allahabad
  17 UP Bn Allahabad
  18 UP Bn Pratapgarh
  60 UP Bn Fatehpur
  65 UP Bn Faizabad
  6 UP (G) Bn Allahabad
  1 UP (G) Coy Faizabad
  1 UP CTR Allahabad
  2 UP Arty Bty Allahabad
  1 UP Med Coy Allahabad
  1 UP Naval Unit Allahabad
08 UNITS 21 UP Bn Bareilly
  23 UP Bn Moradabad
  24 UP Bn Moradabad
  25 UP Bn Shahjahanpur
  30 UP Bn Bijnour
  32 UP Bn Dhampur
  8 UP (G) Bn Bareilly
  9 UP (G)Bn Moradabad
GHAZIABAD GP Brig B B Chauhan,
Gp Cdr, NCC Gp HQ
10 UNITS 35 UP Bn Modi Nagar
  36 UP Bn Bulandshahar
  37 UP Bn Ghaziabad
  38 UP Bn Hapur
  40 UP Bn Sikandrabad
  41 UP Bn Bulandshahar
  74 UP Bn Baraut
  85 UP Bn Shamli
  13 UP(G) Bn Ghaziabad
  31 UP(G) Bn Noida
GORAKHPUR GP Brig Rajbir Sinsh (VSM), Gp Cdr, NCC Gp HQ
11 UNITS 44 UP Bn Gorakhpur
  45 UP Bn Gorakhpur
  46 UP Bn Gorakhpur
  47 UP Bn Basti
  48 UP Bn Gonda
  49 UP Bn Deoria
  50 UP Bn Padrauna
  51 UP Bn Balrampur
  52 UP Bn Deoria
  15 UP (G) Bn Gorakhpur
  1 UP EME Coy Gorakhpur
KANPUR GP Brig V P Singh, Gp Cdr, NCC Gp HQ
10 UNITS 54 UP Bn Kanpur
  55 UP Bn Kanpur
  56 UP Bn Jhansi
  57 UP Bn Unnao
  58 UP Bn Orai
  59 UP Bn Kanpur
  17 UP (G) Bn Kanpur
  1 UP Armd Sqn Kanpur
  2 UP CTR Kanpur
  3 UP Air Sqn Kanpur
LUCKNOW GP Brig V P Shahi, Gp Cdr, NCC Gp HQ
10 UNITS 22 UP Bn Sitapur
  26 UP Bn Lakhimpur
  63 UP Bn Lucknow
  64 UP Bn Lucknow
  66 UP Bn Rai Bareli
  67 UP Bn Lucknow
  19 UP (G) Bn Lucknow
  20 UP (G) Bn Lucknow
  3 UP Naval Unit Lucknow
  5 UP Air Sqn Lucknow
MEERUT GP Brig PS Sanwal, Gp Cdr, NCC Gp HQ
11 UNITS 70 UP Bn Meerut
  71 UP Bn Meerut
  72 UP Bn Meerut
  73 UP Bn Mawana
  82 UP Bn Muzaffarnagar
  83 UP Bn Saharanpur
  86 UP Bn Saharanpur
  22 UP (G) Meerut
  26 UP (G) Bn Sahranpur
  2 UP Armd Sqn Meerut
  3 UP Arty Bty Meerut
VARANASI ‘A’ GP Brig AK Goyal, Gp Cdr, NCC Gp HQ
09 UNITS 89 UP Bn Varanasi
  90 UP Bn Ballia
  91 UP Bn Mughalsarai
  92 UP Bn Ghazipur
  93 UP Bn Ballia
  28 UP G) Bn Varanasi
  3 UP Armd Sqn Varanasi
  2 UP EME Coy Varanasi
  7 UP Naval Unit Varanasi
VARANASI ‘B’ GP Gp Capt S Gera, Gp Cdr, NCC Gp HQ
09 UNITS 96 UP Bn Jaunpur
  97 UP Bn Varanasi
  98 UP Bn Jaunpur
  99 UP Bn Azamgarh
  100 UP Bn Varanasi
  101 UP Bn Mirzapur
  30 UP (G) Bn Azamgarh
  5 UP (I) Coy Jaunpur
  7 UP Air Sqn Varanasi
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